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Designed for people on the go

  • Easily control music and calls through inline mic/remote
  • Tangle-free wire
  • Includes sponge earmuffs

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Designed with the same high-quality as their speakers, Edifier has created an affordable earphone
that will leave you speechless. At a low cost, they still produce high-quality sound with strong bass.
You’ll forget you’re listening to music on your earphones and not a speaker.

Designed with copper-clad aluminium wire for a lighter feel, the H180 earphone is one of the best offerings of classic earphones from Edifier with an easy to fit form factor and modern style. The H180 classic earbud-style earphones are known to have a sound signature that’s comparable to professional headphones that’s several times higher than its price tag.

The H180 produces a well balanced life-like sound that’s not overemphasized nor lack in any
frequency band.

Premium sound without premium price

Edifier’s P180 classic style earbuds with an inline microphone deliver a great audio experience with the 16mm neodymium magnetic monomer. For classic earphones, the Edifier P180 produces strong bass that most find perfect when listening to any type of music. The P180 earbuds are quite comfortable and easily fit into the ear delivering the sound quality any audiophile can appreciate. The inline controls allow for quick access when pausing tracks to talk with friends or family.

TPE wire

The tangle-free wire is a relief for many who want to enjoy their experience with no hassle. Spending time unwinding your earphones is a thing of the past when it comes to the P180 classic style earphones. TPE audio cable prevents your Edifier P180’s from tangling, making your earphones more durable.

Answer calls on the go

These P180 classic earphones provide hands-free communication when you’re on the go. These classic in-ear headphones are compatible with iPhones and most Android phones. Control your calls and music with a click of a button. A Microphone/remote is conveniently located on the wire for easy access.

Extra features

For more compatibility options the P180 classic earphones with an inline microphone come with an adapter. You can connect your earphones to non-standard phones and have the microphone and the button working. For added comfort, it also includes pressure relieving sponge earmuffs. Comfortable wear all day long.
*adapter cable distributed in some regions only.


  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Excellent bass response.
  • Highest quality entry-level wired in-ear earphones.
  • Comfortable ergonomic fit.


Frequency Response :20Hz~20KHz

Impedance :32Ω

Rated input power :10mW

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) :100dB

Connector :3.5mm stereo

Cable Length :1.2m


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Colour :


Frequency response :


Impedance :


Total Power output :


Sound Pressure Level (SPL) :


Connector :

3.5mm stereo

Cable Length :



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