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Thermometer where to buy-TF600 Infrared Thermometer


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Offers you and your family contact-free temperature reading!

In the current times, we live in, staying healthy is important


TF600 Infrared Thermometer

Offers you and your family contact-free temperature reading! 

 In the current times, we live in therefore staying healthy is important. The TF600 Infrared Thermometer is able to measure your body temperature in two seconds – fast, simple and accurate. Furthermore, the advantage of this thermometer is that it is non-contact avoiding any form of contamination.  For instance, by simply aiming your thermometer at the object, you can get all of the information you need without putting yourself at risk. Suitable for infants, babies, children, adults and elders.

Tips For Using Infrared Thermometers

A lot of people think with advances in technology such as this, so comes the requirement for a greater level of understanding before an instrument can be used effectively. In actual fact, infrared thermometers are very easy to use, regardless of prior technical proficiency. There are however some useful hints and tips that can help you get the best out your Infrared thermometer.

So here are some tips when using your infrared thermometer, we hope you find them useful:

1. Cover the sensor when not in use – this will make certain it doesn’t get damaged.

2. Keep from shining laser and infrared beams directly into eyes – might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often this happens!

3. Pay attention to reflective surfaces – this may affect your beam and therefore your readings.

4. Always make sure that an infrared thermometer is appropriate for the job at hand – if limit value is exceeded or undershot, a penetration probe may be needed to measure the core temperature.

5. Beware of steam or screen condensation – this might skew your readings.

Product Features:

  • Non-contact InfraRed digital thermometer
  • Measure temperature in 2 seconds
  • Provides accurate temperature reading
  • Non-invasive
  • 0.2°C measurement accuracy
  • 30-second auto shut-off function
  • Water temperature and indoor temperature can be measured
  • Batteries (not included)
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