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The EDIFIER® Luna Eclipse speakers are uniquely designed with stylish curves and a high gloss finish.
The speaker stands are fashioned in the same way. Stands for bookshelf speakers. They are created with an angled design for sleek aesthetics and optimal sound projection and dispersion. At the bottom of each individual stand, there are four rubber stoppers, to keep the speaker stand steady in place while reducing any possible vibration.

The Luna Eclipse speaker stands improve acoustics, and aid in enhancing bass sound performance, allowing for a clearer and richer bass sound experience. Using speakers without a stand can result in a depreciating sound.

The purpose of speaker stands is to separate the speaker from it’s base surface. While seemingly obvious, this creates an appreciable difference. Placing your speakers on the floor, desk or cabinet creates a natural form of acceptable resistance against the speakers and suppresses a portion of the sound that is
generated. The use of a speaker stand reduces resistance and enables the speakers to operate at optimal performance levels.

What Are Speaker Stands

Think of speaker stands as a mounting device for your speaker. It provides the user the advantage of aiming their sound in a direction that’s most effective to the audience.

Speaker stands eliminate this problem and allows users to adjust the speaker to their own height. This improves the quality of the sound and makes it easier to hear. Purchasing a speaker stand ensures that your sound can be heard at all levels and is safe for your ears.

How Are Speaker Stands Used

Speaker stands are used for sound placement. We suggest that you get speaker stands that place the sound towards your ear level. This allows you to hear everything without a reduction in the sound.

Without speaker stands, we would be unable to direct sound correctly. They would remain on the floor and be heard at a level that’s not pleasing to the ear. High-frequency sounds would be hard to hear unless the user is directly next to the speaker.

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