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Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty.

I don’t know about you but my skin constantly needs a shot of hydration at the moment. Aircon in the car, a fan on full whack at bedtime and the hot sticky days require a little extra support for my skin.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using the prebiotic facial mist from Murad. We know Murad is serious about skincare so you can always be confident that it will create a product that will deliver the goods!

 The Prebiotic mist is peptide-rich, which means it’s full of collagen-boosting ingredients. Peptides are pretty teeny so they are good at penetrating the skin. The delivery system of a mist is possibly not going to give you as much of the peptide as say, a serum but it’s kind of a bonus product on top of your normal regime.

Our skin is covered in bacteria and the prebiotic within this mist will help keep the bacteria happy and rebalanced.

This mist is good for sensitive, ageing, dehydrated, unbalanced or dry skin and can be misted on at any stage of your normal skincare routine. I personally enjoy spritzing over my moisturised face just before I apply foundation or misting over my face regularly throughout the day, as I need it.

 It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after it’s evaporated either which is a win!

The Murad Prebiotic slimline tube makes it great for travelling with and the 100ml size means you can take it on an aircraft too for a long skin dehydrating flight.


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