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Baby Products

Baby Products

Whether you are travelling by car or aeroplane (or train, perhaps?), travelling with little ones can be completely overwhelming. It’s no coincidence that the #1 item in our poll asking moms what’s their most indispensable travel item was WINE! Fret not, dear parent, you CAN do it (but do bring some booze just in case things get hairy).

The first step in planning your journey is to understand which of your necessities can be provided at your destination. The fewer items you have to transport from A to B, the better.

If you are visiting a place frequently (e.g., grandparent’s house), it’s well worth it for grandma/pa to get their own gear. My mom and in-laws, for example, have a high chair, a Pack ‘n Play, a monitor, and an umbrella stroller at their place; they even have car seats. Local mom’s groups often hold children’s resales, these are great places to get lightly used items for grandparents.

This isn’t totally necessary, but it will make your trips so much easier for years to come, especially if you have (or plan on having) multiple children. And especially if you visit them often.

If you’re going to a hotel or resort, many times these items can be provided upon request. I’ve only been to one hotel where they could not provide a travel crib (and it was only because they had run out).

Even the economy hotel and motel chains (Choice Hotels: Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, etc.) are generally good about supplying cribs and bedding. Many vacation rentals even have this stuff, but check the fine print before you go. You may also want to bring items that help your baby sleep, like a white noise machine.

If you do have to bring everything along, the good news is that there are many travel-specific products that can lighten your load and make your life easier.

If there isn’t a safe spot for your kiddo to sleep at your destination, you’ll probably want to bring along a travel crib or Pack ‘n Play (or another collapsible play yard). Will a regular PNP do the trick? Yes, absolutely. However, many parents prefer the lightweight-ness and portability of a travel crib. If you travel a fair amount, it’s definitely a worthwhile convenience purchase.

Here’s the benefit: travel cribs are in the neighbourhood of 11 lbs, while regular play yards (Pack ‘n Play, 4MOMS Breeze, etc.) weigh more like 20-30 lbs – a huge difference. Furthermore, travel cribs fold and assemble VERY easily, they come with a nice transport bag and can be carried like a duffel or backpack. Some travel cribs can even fit in the overhead compartment on a plane (not sure why you’d ever do that, but…you can if you want!).

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